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Kenny Kleinpeter

Freedom is a big word. We dream about it: we work hard for it. Just when we think we achieve it, it alludes us. Like children chasing soap bubbles in the wind, as we finally catch one, it bursts. Freedom is more a state of mind than a reality.
My idea of freedom is writing music. All of my life I have wanted this dream. My mother planted the dream of music and my father supplied the means to make it possible. With the independent release of this CD, I am as close to freedom as I ever dreamed. This is my inaugural project. I may never produce so freely again. I had no producer, no record label, no other musicians involved - just you and me. Thank you for giving it a listen....


Kenny Kleinpeter Roland XP-80 + RD-600.

Year Released: 1999
Produced by Kenny Kleinpeter
All songs written by Kenny Kleinpeter and published by Kleinpeter Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Mastered by Parker Dinkins

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