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Leroy Jones Brass Band Music
Memories of the Fairview & Hurricane Band

New Orleans brass band music has been the toast of the city's musical culture for well over 100 years. Growing up in the city that made this genre famous, I had the opportunity to be exposed to it and involved with it at any early age. This was a time before the evolution of the more contemporary brass band sound that is a predominant fixture on the local scene today. I remember seeing and listening to the Onward, Eureka, Tuxedo, Majestic, Excelsior, Olympia and Doc Paulin's Brass Band, and having the opportunity on occasion to play with some of them. But the brass bands that I remember most and will always be close to my heart and indelible to me are the Fairview and Hurricane Brass Band....


Leroy Jones trumpet, Craig Klein trombones, Alonzo Bowens tenor saxophone + clarinet, Rob Espino sousaphone, Kerry "Fat Man" Hunter snare drum, Cayetano "Tanio" Hingle bass drum, Katja Toivola trombone solo on "Just a Little While to Stay Here."

Produced by Leroy Jones
Graphic Design by Katja Toivola
Art Direction by LJ Jazzy
Photography by Armand "Sheik" Richardson
Year Released: 2005

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