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Lockout LR2473

Derek Douget
Perpetual Motion

Thanks to Roland, Jonathan, Nicholas, Adonis and Jason for your sincere effort. Special thanks to Ellis Marsalis for your contribution to this project and your consistent example as a musician and educator. Thanks to all my friends and family for your encouragement and support... mom, pops, Nicole and Kimberly... Jeanise, Harold Batiste, Victor Goines, Ed Petersen. Much love to the music and musicians... who continue to humble and inspire me.


Derek Douget alto + soprano saxophone, Nicholas Payton trumpet + flugelhorn, Roland Guerin bass, Adonis Rose drums (tracks 1, 3, 7) Jonathan Lefcoski piano, Ellis Marsalis piano (track 4), Jason Marsalis drums.

Produced by Derek Douget
Year Released: 2002

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