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Louisiana Red Hot LRHR1116

ReBirth Brass Band
The Main Event: Live at the Maple Leaf

Nothing quite compares to the exhilaration experienced when the ReBirth Brass Band is "rollin" with a New Orleans second-line parade. The big tuba of Philip Frazier sets the high-spirited rhythm, pumping up the band and crowd which are ready to follow him wherever he may go. Propelled by the syncopated beat of the drums and the heralding blasts from the horns, the procession moves en masse with an unstoppable forward motion - a wave of jubilant humanity. "If you ain't gonna dance, get the hell out the way," is the ruling cry....


Phil Frazier B-flat sousaphone, Keith Frazier bass drum, Derek Tabb snare drum, Shamarr Allan trumpet, Glen Andrews trumpet, James Durant saxophone, Tyrus Chapman trombone.

Produced by Jerry Brock for Jerry Brock Productions
Layout and graphics by Diana Thornton at Crescent Music Services
Art Direction by Tom Thompson and John Guarnieri
Cover painting by Frenchy
Photography by Allison Lynch
Photo of Derek Shezbie by Lee Frank
Liner Notes by Geraldine Wyckoff
Year Released: 1999

For more information:
Louisiana Red Hot Records, Inc.
P.O. Box 53273, New Orleans, LA 70153-3273