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Louisiana Red Hot LRHR1127

New Orleans' Juice

Special thanks: Scott & Christi Simoneaux, Pete Couhig, Chad Kirtland, Kenny Fergusin, Offbeat, Where Yat Magazine, WWOZ, Bill Deurk, Damon Moley, Melissa Norman, Norman, Keith Spera, John Wirt, The Advocate, Rhythm City Magazine, Tommy Comeaux, The Daily Reveille, Magazine Sound, BeBop Music Shop, New Orleans Music Exchange, Glen Prejean, Allison Merrick, Dave Remmetter, Jeff Dupuis, Mike Waugh, Chip & Theresa Blair, Tim Blair, Jay Dufour, Ben Mumphrey, Chris Granger, Bob Norton, Aaron Torkelson, Dino Gankendorf, Mike Dread, Brent Moreland, Joel Cooper, Bob Jordan. To our many friends and supporter. Peace.


Brett Boagni rhythm guitar + vocals, Chris DeJohn drums + percussion, Jamie Galloway harmonica + percussion + vocals, David Jordan bass + lead vocals, Jason Robin percussion.

Special Guests: Chaddy 1 P.U.S. lead vocal (track 3), DJ Davis organ (tracks 5,9) Brian Graber trumpet + saxophones + flugelhorn, Keng vocals (track 3), Mark Mullins trombones, Dave Reis clavinet + Fender Rhodes + Wurlitzer + organ.

All Songs Produced and Arranged by New Orleans' Juice
Executive Producer: Chip Blair
Cover Art: Sue Boagni
Photography: Chris Granger
Year Released: 1999

For more information:
Louisiana Red Hot Records, Inc.
P.O. Box 53273, New Orleans, LA 70153-3273
Scott Simoneaux - Carport Entertainment