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Louisiana Songwriters Association LSA971

Various Artists
Wet Feet 1

Louisiana Songwriters Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is perfecting and promoting the songwriting talents in Louisiana. All composers and lyricists, as well as singers, musicians, and poets are welcomed to membership in LSA. Prior publication is not required.

LSA holds workshops, seminars, and provides speakers for our membership to increase each member's understanding of the music industry, the craft of songwriting, demo production and marketing. There is room for every type of music within LSA. We've made no attempt to narrow our creative talent to suit one industry market.

All the songs on this CD are original compositions by our members. They have been professionally recorded. Many are already published and available on CD. Listen for these and more LSA member songs on the radio in years to come!

Produced by Diana Thornton
Year Released: 1997

For membership information please write:
Louisiana Songwriters Association
P.O. Box 80425, Baton Rouge, LA 70898
Tel: 504.924.0804