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Major Label MLR5419

Cop a Fuzz

Thanks to Punkin, Doug Hebert, Norman Nail, Rob "Dude" Chauvin, Jimmy & Jo Ellen Tancill, The Tobias Family, Donna & Karen, Julie & Ed, Myrtle Rivet & The Rivet Family, Mike Mayfield, Parker Dinkins, Anton Gussoni, Irie Dawtas (Katrice "Butterfly" Newbill & Jawna "Sister Luv" Williams), Linker family, Holliday Clan, Chris Nail, Ben Williams, The Yockeys, The Boudreauxs, Chip and Deah Fisher, Gliss, Floyd Durand, Richard Duplantis, Randy Scott, Leonard Blair, Girls from "Girls Night Out". Johnny Romero, Owen Romero, Rosie, Jay Christman, Jack Groetsch, Barbara, Jimmy Ives, George and staff at Snug Harbor, Paul Batiste, The Rini Family, C&M Music Center, The Blackdens, Treasure Chest.

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Todd Credeur & Brian Rini
Additional Engineering: Richard Bird
Associate Producer: David "Brother Dave" Rivet
Technical Assistance by: Don "Chief" Bierman
Art and Design by Jimmy Tancill
Year Released: 2002