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Nelson Lunding & Blues in the Pocket
Whiskey and a Beer to Go

Thanks to my family, Stuart Hemmingway, John McHugh, Brad Harris, Fred Hendrix, Ernest Beckemeyer, David Greer, Lenny McDaniel, Roger Martin, Brian Witchel, Martin Burns, Evan Farmer, James DeGennaro, John Tullis, Anthony Schweizer, Justin Zitler, Jon Levy, Chris Ryan, John Bedford and to everybody else I've forgotten.


Nelson Lunding piano + Fender Rhodes + vocals + background vocal (track 4), John Fohl guitar + lap steel + background vocal (track 4), David Lee Watson bass, Tom Fitzpatrick tenor + baritone sax, "Frankie Boy" Savoy tenor sax (tracks 4 + 5), Larry Carter trumpet (tracks 3, 9 + 11), Gary Rieger background vocal (track 4), Joe Krown Hammond B-3 organ (track 6), John Carey harmonica (track 10)

Year Released: 1999
Produced by Nelson Lunding
Photography: Barry Kaiser
Design + Layout: Jeff Muller

For further information, contact:
Nelson Lunding/Mercy Me Records
P.O. Box 850635, New Orleans, LA 70185-0635
Tel: 504.862.0829