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Merry Makers MMRC-CD-16

Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band
Air Shots From the Dawn Club

Most of the tracks on this disc feature the Yerba Buena Jazz at its prewar peak, broadcasting from their home base - The Dawn Club, located at 20 Annie Street in downtown San Francisco. It is easy to hear why the band had such a fanatical following. There was simply nothing else like the YBJB in 1941. The New Orleans branch of the revival was still a couple of years in the future and the Watters Band was the only group playing 'the truth" on a regular basis. Though the Bob Crosby and Eddie Condon ensembles played vintage tunes, their style was influenced by swing music. In contrast, the brassy sound of the Yerba Buena Jazz Band must have convinced record collectors, historians and jazz fans that Chapter III of Frederic Ramsey's JAZZMEN had suddenly come to life at the Dawn Club....


Lu Watters trumpet, Bib Scobey trumpet, Turk Murphy trombone, Ellis Horne clarinet, Wally Rose piano, Dick Lammi tuba, Clancy Hayes banjo, Russ Bennett banjo, Bill Dar drums.

Year Released: 1997

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