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Money Pit 1111

Snooks Eaglin
The Way It Is

In the blues world, the great producers include the Chess brothers, the Bihari brother, the Braun brothers, and down in Louisiana - during the final decades of the 20th-century, the Scott brothers - Hammond and his older brother Nauman. On their Black Top label, the Scotts strove for quality, intensity and excellence. When it came to the blues and blues artists, the Scotts felt the genre deserved as much care, respect and marketing savvy as did classical recordings or the latest rock phenomenon.... Bunny Matthews

Produced by Hammond Scott
Executive Producer: Nauman Scott III
Associate Producer: Jon Cleary
Production Assistance: Blake Thompson
CD Design: Bunny Matthews and Steve Winn
Back Cover photograph: Lee Crum
Booklet photograph: Craig Dietz
Year Released: 2002

For further information:
Money Pit Records
5500 Prytania Street, PMB 326, New Orleans, LA 70115