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Paul Sanchez
Loose Parts

Thanks and Love to: Mama Sanchez, Maw-Maw Moore, the Sanchez's, the Moore's, Michael Lavie, M.C. Gainey, Peter and Susan Holsapple, Mike and Kim Mayeux, John Sanchez, Carrollton Station, Matt's Music, Camp Summer Tribe and the One who created all.


Paul Sanchez vocals + acoustic guitar + harmonica + bass, Peter Holsapple vocals + keyboards + accordion + mandolin + electric guitar + Carolina guitar + percussion + bass + recorder + aerosol can, Susan Cowsill vocals, Rob Savoy upright bass, Phil DeVille vocals, Mike Mayeux vocals, Miranda Holsapple child vibes.

Produced by Peter Holsapple
Year Released: 1997

For further information:
Paul Sanchez, c/o Cowboy Mouth
P.O. Box 19187, New Orleans, LA 70179-0187