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Kathleen Lee
Coming Up For Air

In 2005 I began working on a new CD completing the first studio session with the recording of two songs. Shortly after, on August 29, 2005, a truly historic event took place - Hurricane Katrina flooded my beloved city of New Orleans. I, just like hundreds of thousands of others on the Gulf Coast, evacuated, having practically everything I owned destroyed....

I wanted this CD to be a true labor of love, and have it be, in sorts, a reunion of as many musicians as I could find, who have been a part of my music life for over ten years of performing in New Orleans. This "reunion" was a long, wonderful story in itself. And, although some of my fellow musicians still remain displaced, we were fortunate to have been joined by friends who had recently returned to the New Orleans area from places like Atlanta, New York City, and even as far away as Iraq....


Kathleen Lee vocals, Jamil Sharif trumpet, Clarence Johnson III sax, Dwight Fitch Jr. piano, Kerry Lewis bass, Geoff Clapp drums, Matt Hampsey guitar, David Easley pedal steel guitar, Matt Rhody violin + mandolin, Peter Cho piano (tracks 3, 5), David Pulphus bass (tracks 6, 7, 8, 10), Herman LeBeaux drums (tracks 3, 5), Al Bernard bass (tracks 1, 4), Fred Sanders piano (track 7)

Year Released: 2010
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