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Dead Pan
2 Days Slow

Thanks: Joe and Beth Morris, Rachel, Anton, Richard Bird, Sylvia, Mike Dread, Steven Bourgeois, Liam, Gerrit, Sam, Mikey, Scott, Ryan, Kim, Mark, Maureen Landers, Rob Krub, Scott M, & KAS Creative Group, Ashley, Greg Eveline, John Yanora and family, Brett Evans, Jim, Haywilk Galvanizing, David, Ben, Dan, Visa Gold, Jodi, Doug Gremillion, the Stone family, The Saints, Paul Gonsoulin, Jimmy Anselmo.


Brett Barrilleaux, vocals, Eric Morris guitar + backup vocals, Ron Evans bass, Lenny Schmidt drums + backup vocals, Greg Hymel more bass. Additional musicians: Richard Bird piano on track 9, Sylvia Ferrara violin on tracks 3 + 4, Dave Stocker organ on track 10.

Produced by Dead Pan and Richard Bird
All selections written by Dead Pan and published by Pancreatic Music
Year Released: 1997

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