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NYNO 9607

Grace Darling
Imaginary Lover

Thanks: To my mother, father and brother for their unconditional love and support. Much heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Allen Toussaint and John Feigenbaum for believing in me and making this CD possible! To Kathy Sebastian for being tireless with her heart and soul. To Sean Tauzier for his stamina and skill behind the board and just being cool. To my band and especially Renard for giving of their time, talents and most of all heart - above and beyond the call of duty. And to the rest of the NYNO team, Alison and Sandy. To Ken for kisses on my forehead. And to many friends who have believed in me and supported me throughout the years - - - Grace Darling.

Produced by Allen Toussaint, except I'll Go With You co-produced by Allen Toussaint + Renard Poche
Year Released: 1997

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