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Oui Doux Jazz

Oui Doux Jazz came together in 1998 for a purpose unique among jazz ensembles: to provide music for a new Jazz Mass being offered by Christ the King Lutheran Church in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner.

Wally Kay, a former Lutheran pastor, and Joe Hughes, current Pastor of Christ the King, collaborated on a vision: create a worship experience of and for New Orleans folk, and do it with music that can capture people's hearts.

It didn't take long for this native New Orleans Lutheran pastor, and transplanted Minnesota French Quarter Lutheran musician, to realize the kind of music that could do that. In New Orleans the music that lives in people's hearts is jazz, New Orleans jazz.....


Mark Morris percussion, Mike Owen trombone, Paul Longstreth piano, Tim Laughlin clarinet, Wally Kay bass, Charlie Fardella trumpet,

Year Released: 1999

For further information, contact:
P.M.B 107 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70116