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Orleans OR-1311

The Original Pin Stripe Brass Band
Your Last Chance to Dance

Down home, funky, steeped in the tradition of New Orleans music, or more specifically, the tradition of music heard on the New Orleans streets. And, to quote a friend "There ain't nothing else like it in the world."

The Pin Stripes, as they are commonly called, are part of the New Orleans brass band revival which began in the mid 1960's and continues to this day....


Herbert A. McCarver III snare drum + lead vocal, Mark Smith tuba, Robert Harris trombone, Jeffery Herbert trombone, Brice Miller trumpet, Raymond Jones trumpet + piano, Rickey Paulin clarinet, George Johnson trumpet, Dwight Miller alto saxophone, Oscar Washington bass drum, Terrance Hilliard percussionist

Produced by the Original Pin Stripe Brass Band
Executive Producer Carlo Ditta
Year Released: 1994

Orleans Records, Inc., 828 Royal Street, #536, New Orleans, LA 70116
Tel: 504.837.5042, Fax: 504.867.9601