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Orleans OR-1511

Coco Robicheaux

Spiritland. If this place could be located geographically, you'd probably find it in the low bayou land of southern Louisiana, in the former swamps back o' town in New Orleans or out in the steamy river parishes where the mosses hang from the trees and the mist rises from the land and the water.

But Coco Robicheaux's Spiritland is more likely a mental province, a shadowy place situated somewhere in the mind and viscera which is connected with the world of the ancestors by a thin electrical thread of spectral energy...


Coco Robicheaux rhythm guitar + vocals, Kenny Holladay rhythm guitar + slide guitar, Tommy Malone rhythm guitar + slide guitar, Mark Dobriner rhythm guitar, Michael Sklar rhythm guitar + slide guitar, Rick Allen keyboards, Earle Stanley organ + bass, Diz 'Honey Bear' Watson keyboards, Sonny Schneidau piano, James Singleton bass, Spike Perkins bass, Doug Therrion bass, Gary Roger drums, J.J. Juliano drums, Alfred 'Uganda' Roberts percussion, Dalia percussion, DuDu Martinez percussion, Peter Nu steel pans, Do Verdier dog whistle, Bob Duplechin Bogue Falaya swamp sounds

Produced by Carlo Ditta
Year Released: 1994

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