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Orleans OR-2111

Blue Lu Barker
Live at the New Orleans Jazz Festival

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival will always be an important venue for artists seeking that first crucial spotlight with audiences not otherwise exposed to their music. Most of these musicians tend to be young and starting out. But in the first quarter century of its grand run, Jazzfest was also a showcase for revitalizing the careers of older musicians who, for various reasons, were less well known among younger fans than tried and true aficionados.


Blue Lu Barker vocals on tracks 1-5, Danny Barker guitar + banjo on all tracks + vocals on tracks 6-10, Greg Stafford trumpet, David Grillier clarinet, Frank Naundorf trombone, Walter Lewis piano, Edmond Foucher bass, Shannon Powell drums.

Produced by Carlo Ditta
All songs published by New Attid Music Company (BMI)
Year Released: 1997

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