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Orleans OR-2311

The Orleans Records Story

The New Orleans musical renaissance of the 1990s which has made the city come alive with creative sounds of unprecedented variety has been seriously aided and abetted by the handful of locally-based record labels that document and distribute the otherwise obscure sounds of the Crescent City.

Carlo Ditta's Orleans Records is definitely in the very first rank of New Orleans record companies active on the '90s. For fourteen years Carlo has labored to produce a series of fine recordings by overlooked or under-recorded artists whose works are now recognized as important and colorful strains of the rich musical fabric of New Orleans....

Produced by Carlo Ditta
Track 1 Produced by Carlo Ditta + A.J. Loria
Track 11 Produced by Carlo Ditta + Ice Cube Slim
Year Released: 1999

Orleans Records, Inc., 828 Royal Street, #536, New Orleans, LA 70116
Tel: 504.837.5042, Fax: 504.867.9601