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O.T.S. OTS0401

Quintin Gerard W.

First and foremost I'd like to thank Yahweh Ben Yahweh for returning as promised and resurrecting this so-called "black" man of America back into the knowledge of his true identity. In my native Hebrew language I am pleased to say "Shalom" to all of you!

This CD is dedicated to the memory of my mother Elnora J. Wilson, and my brothers "Wet" Willie Kenneth Wilson and Huey Delonde Wilson. I truly miss you all, and you will forever be my "Loved Ones."


Quintin Gerard W. saxophones + flutes + additional acoustic guitar, Darryl Spencer guitar (tracks 4, 9, 10), Saheedah Miller lead + background vocals, Lyntrelle Perriloux additional vocals, Mikel Curtis Duras additional keyboards and bass programming (track 10).

Produced by Quintin Gerard W. for O.T.S. Music
Executive Producer: Patricia D. Cunningham
Year Released: 2004

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