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O.T.S. OTS0601

Quintin Gerard W.

Shouts: Debra Kilpatrick, Sonya Clark, Erica Fox, Kevin Sinclair, Lionel Jackson Jr., Donna Jeter, Jayson Tipp, Darryl Spencer, Julie Remick, Debbie Cribbs, Deanna Berkeley, Gloria and David Goldstein, McArthur Litzey, Albert Davis, Ricardo Thomas, Davis Thibodeaux, Nedra Dyson, Tyrone Grayson, John Lyons, Under the Lake, James Cornell, Raymond "Bubba" Naquin, Jimmy Sullivan, Dillard Mays, and Bill Hendricks.

Produced by Quintin Gerard W. for O.T.S. Music & Fnkysax Music Productions
Executive Producer: Patricia D. Cunningham
Year Released: 2006

Booking Info:
Sunshine Management, tel: 504.343.8123
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