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Beth Phillips
All on Me

Thank you's...
It's amazing how opportunities constantly present themselves throughout our lives. However, many times it is up to us to seize and take advantage of them. First and foremost, I'd like to thank God for blessing me with my voice; without this gift I would truly be nowhere. I'd like to thank my Dad for believing in my dream, working hard to pursue it, and originally presenting this opportunity to me. I'd like to thank my Mom who put up with me, got me where I needed to be, and loved me during this process. I know it was frustrating at times, but we got through it! I'd also like to thank Quintin who worked so hard to write and produce a wonderful album!

Produced by Quintin Gerard W. for O.T.S. Music! and Fnkysax Music Productions
Executive Producer: Patricia D. Cunningham
Photography by: Roni Lynn Studio & Gallery
Graphic Design: Quintin Gerard W.
Year Released: 2008

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P.O. Box 2291, LaPlace, LA 70069-2291
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