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Porter Batiste Stoltz
Expanding the Funkin Universe

Porter Batiste Stoltz would like to thank:

Steve Lobmeier, Robert Cunningham and Bob Miller at D'Addario, Tim O'Brien and Joe O'Brien at O'Brien Amplification, Ted Kornblum and Matt Picker at St. Louis Music (Ampeg) and Obeid Kham at SLM Electronics, Brian Paul at Brian Paul Guitars, Kellie Stoelting at Seymour Duncan, Kevin Radomski at Pro-Mark, Jess Hughes at Aha-Drums.

Special thanks to our road crew, Jorge Lazzari and Miguel Barrosse, Hugh Southard, Harry Turner, Page Stallings and Allison Beck at Blue Mountain Artists, Rochelle Snyder at World Tours and Travel, Laura Shapiro, Joyce LeBlanc, Fred Deloach, Danny Kadar (may we kidnap you) at Paradigm Park Studio, all of our friends at WWOZ, Jimmy Glickman at N.O. Music Exchange, David Torkanowsky, Steve Reynolds and David Farrell at Ultrasonic Studio and all of friends and fans around the world.


George Porter Jr. vocals + bass, Russell Batiste Jr. vocals + drums, Brian Stoltz vocals + guitar + percussion.

Produced by Porter Batiste Stoltz
CD design and layout by David Stocker
Photography by Sam Friedman, Clayton Call
Year Released: 2005

For booking information:
Hugh Southard, Blue Mountain Artists, tel. no. 704.525.1559
For other information