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Betsy Braud and the Jazz Nurse Prescription
Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Jazz Nurse Prescription has Just What the Doctor Ordered: a prescription for modern times - a remedy for the soul - tonic for the spirit - a gumbo for the senses.
Betsy Braud, The Jazz Nurse, was born and raised in Thibodaux, La., on the banks for Bayou Lafourche. A registered nurse by day, she has been moonlighting on the Louisiana jazz scene for over two decades....

This compact disc contains an extra session with multimedia content.


Betsy Braud flute + soprano sax + piano + vocals, Chris Lee drums + vibes (tracks 6 + 9), Patrice Fisher harp, Michael Skinkus percussion (tracks 1, 4, 7, 10, 11) Josiah Foster percussion (track 10), Michael Foster bass + tuba, Gary Roberts vibraphone + drums (tracks 6 + 9).

Produced by Betsy Braud
Cover photos: David Jensen
Band photos: Stephanie Sieberth
Layout: Susan Jensen
Year Released: 2005

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