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Pat Collins
Tears for Kosovo

Pat's World would like to thank Jo Ellen, Jillian & Patrick., Jr. Norine and Englove Collins, Sr., my sister, brothers and their families, God, John Porterfield, Mike Morgan, Bobby Holbrook, Southlake Studio, Windmill Studio, La Louisiane Studio, Harry Landry, God, Buddy Allen, Poulet, the Robin family, John Tesvich, Henry Martin, Charlie Voisin, Johnny's, God, Ben Nelson, Steve Simmons, John Porter....

This album is dedicated to my late nephew, Josh, for always reminding me to finish this album. Kosovo is a song of hope. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this record will be donated to help rebuild Kosovo and feed the people left homeless.


Pat Collins lead vocals + backing vocals + lead & rhythm guitar, John Dutton backing vocals + lead guitar, Rick Ward percussion + Brian Mich bass guitar, Tony Castiglioni keyboards.

Year Released: 1999
Produced by Pat Collins & Steve Himelfarb

For further information, contact:
Collins Records