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P&J PJCD1002

Donna Sammarco
On Eagles Wings

There is nothing that touches the soul quite like music. There is nothing that can reach deep inside you, change a mood, or lift your spirit quite like this marvel we call music. And the most powerful music occurs when a beautiful composition is born; is shaped, and molded by an insightful and gifted arranger; and then delivered to the listener's ear by the hands of a sensitive and talented performer. This is a rare event. Yet this is what happened here. Some of the most beautiful Christian songs have been arranged by some of the most talented Christian arrangers and interpreted and delivered here on this recording by an extraordinarily talented pianist - Donna Sammarco...


Donna Sammarco piano.

Produced by Paul W. Sammarco
Executive Producers: Paul W. Sammarco and G. James Sammarco
Graphics by Rick Duet
Year Released: 2004

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