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New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Company
Identity Crisis

Thanks to Mom and Dad, Debbie Haley, David Gaumond, Blake and Johnny for making "That's the Mardi Gras!" happen. Additional thanks to Momma, Linda Willem, Lisa Philippi, Shelly Lauland, Bernie Cyrus and Frank Vicari.


Michelle Ploue lead + background vocals, Brad Burris electric bass + background vocals + lead vocal on "Workin'" + percussion, Mike Vila guitars + background vocals, Malcolm Lanius keyboards + background vocals + string arrangement on "Identity Crisis", Joe Vicari drums + percussion + cup, Blake Daniels trumpets on "That's the Mardi Gras!" and "Steal Away", John Larmann saxes on "That's the Mardi Gras!" and "Steal Away" + horn arrangement on "That's the Mardi Gras"

Year Released: 2000
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