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RedBone RBR-L1994

Deacon John
Live at the 1994 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

If all were right in the world, Deacon John would be a household name. But the world, especially the music world, is fraught with injustice and often dictated by unscrupulous market forces that have little to do with true talent.
Deacon John is a true talent. And a showman of the highest caliber. When the Deacon decides it's time to take you to the church of New Orleans blues and R&B... gentlemen take your hats off, and ladies put your hats on, and hold on to them tight! Cuz baby... listen to me now... he's gonna make the wind blow, make you shout and shimmy and shake yo' money maker!....


Deacon John Moore guitar + lead vocals, Robert J. Dabon piano, Charles D.S. Moore bass, Oliver J. Alcorn III drums, J.D. Hill harmonica, Brian E. Murray trumpet + horn arrangements + transcriptions, Bruce Hammond slide trombone, Fred Kemp tenor saxophone.

Year Released: 1999

For further information, contact:
RedBone Records
P.O. Box 750183, New Orleans, LA 70115