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Richard Carr
American Reflection

This project was born with the intent to, in some small way, honor America on its 225th birthday and to express my gratitude and thankfulness to be an American citizen. Many of the compositions have been created from my feelings of my visit to many of the monuments. To say that this project accurately depicts what others may feel upon visiting some of these monuments would be a mistake. I am in awe of the presence and visual impact these monuments have. Take some time to visit Washington, D.C., it is well worth the trip.

As always, this project has not been edited in any way. All compositions are recorded straight through without any cuts. Many of the compositions are first time improvisations, allowing myself to freely express the vision and feelings I am trying to portray, capturing the moment of inspiration.

Proudly as an American, I give you American Reflection.

Year Released: 2001
All music arranged and/or composed and performed by Richard Carr
Graphic design by Noah William Gilman

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