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Renegade renrec012

Luther Kent & Trick Bag

The band Trick Bag sprang into being as Luther Kent and Charlie Brent say around at his mother Shirley's house in Harahan drinking Jack Daniels. "It was sometime in 1978, I'm pretty sure," Brent explains with a laugh, "'cause I got a great time, but I can't tell time. I do remember we came up with the name first, from Earl King's classic tune, and then we put the band together for a gig at the A Bar on Bourbon Street.


Luther Kent vocals, Charlie Brent guitar + alto sax, Big John Thomassie drums, Jim Markway bass, Bruce Elsensohn keyboards, Barney Floyd trumpet, Rodney Lafon trumpet, A.J. Pittman trumpet, Eric Traub tenor sax, Ken "Snakebite" Jacobs baritone sax, Brian O'Neill trombone.
Produced by Carlo Ditta and Steve Valentino
Year Released: 1997

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