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Can't Be Denied

Very Special Thanks to the Most High, The Creator for Vision, Strength, Guidance and Patience.

Special thanks to Dr. G.H. Tichenor's Antiseptic Co., No Limit Records, St. Charles Ave. Conoco, World Gym, N.O., House of Blues, N.O., Cafe Brazil, Dragon's Den, Margaritaville, Jimmy's, Tipitina's, Lagniappe, Times-Picayune, Off Beat Magazine, Gambit, Louisiana Music Factory, Tower Records, Blockbuster, Virgin Megastore, Peaches and Mushroom Record stores, Labelle Gallere, Positive Vibrations, New Orleans Reggae Coalition, Cox Communications, King and Queen Emporium, F.D.I., New Orleans Dream Images


Chris "DeRoc" DeBose vocals + writer + arranger, James "King Sweets" Dogan keyboard + writer + arranger, Darryl "Drummy D" White drums + arranger, Norman "Knowledge" Nail bass guitar + arranger, Theresa "Ms. Tee" Williams III vocals + writer + arranger, Merlyn "M.D." Dempsey vocals + arranger, Donald "Brother Don" Williams lead guitar + arranger, "Kufaru" Aaron Mouton percussionist + arranger, Michael "Fingers" Burkart keyboard + arranger, Ronald "Mick" Monroe band technician, Greg "Coach" Kaufman public relations, Kerry "K.B." Brown advisor, Lawrence "Man" Williams Jr. advisor.

Year Released: 1999
Executive Producer/Director: DeRoc
Artwork, Layout & Design by Calvin Blue & Associates
Music + Lyrics by The Revealers

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