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Rampart Street Music RS100-011

Sjuwana Byers & Children of God
Just Havin' Church

We at Rampart Street Music are still shouting about our latest find, a true diamond in the rough, Sjuwana Byers and Children of God (Hamilton, Ohio). They are a closely knit family group with strong spiritual convictions. The group sports the tried and true vocal talents of Sjuwana "Goober" Byers and her multi-talented kids. If you factor in the musical skills and prowess of her husband Fred and the truly outstanding vocal finesse from Ms. Mona Darrett, you've got real Chur-cch!.....

Children of God:
Sjuwana Byers, Mona Darrett, Joellyn Bivins, Nikkita Bowden, Anthony Gray, Christavious Gray, Darius Byers, Sean Reese.

The Band:
Fred Byers Jr. lead guitar, Fred Byers III drums, Cleveland Vinning drums, Elliott Randolph Jr. drums, Kevaughn Byers bass guitar, Jevon Brown keyboards, J.R. Carswell guitar, Edward Byers Jr. keyboard, Hezakiah Brinson keyboards, Otis Smith Jr. drums.
Year Released: 1999
Produced by Rampart Street Music
Published by Jamalar Music

For further information, contact:
Rampart Street Music
PO Box 850092, New Orleans, LA 70185
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