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Rampart Street Music RS100-020

Paulette Wright-Davis

Thank you GOD for allowing me to fulfill the plan and purpose of my life. Without you nothing is possible.
Special Thanks to Tony Gullage, the producer of this CD. Tony I thank you for your patience throughout this project. Thanks to Al Cast on and Jamalar/Rampart Street Music for the opportunity to express my gift...


Brandon Adams piano, Davell Crawford piano + organ + synths, Kendrick Marshall piano + organ + synths, Tony Gullage bass, Paul Rogers guitar, Calvin Snowden guitar, Alfred Caston guitar, Kindler "Mac" Carto drums, Terrance Higgins drums, Gary Brown saxophone, Jeff Rogers percussion.

Background vocals: Ashley Reine, Karen Hogan, Shawn Hampton, Carl Miller, Michael Brown, Tony Gullage, Paulette Wright-Davis.

Year Released: 2000
Produced by Rampart Street Music
Published by Jamalar Music

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Tel: 504.943.0353, Fax: 504.943.0468
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