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Solo Art SACD-127

Mark Shane & Johnny Varro
Just You - Just Me & Two Pianos

My wife, Lee and I have been hosting the Atlanta Jazz Party for past 10 years. For much of that time Lee has pressed me to have some two-piano sets. For years I resisted, in part because of the extra cost of renting a second piano since we were struggling to break even with our party. But, three years ago, Lee finally convinced me and we rented twin Yamahas. We paired up four piano players in different sets so that each player matched up with all the others.

Not all piano players are compatible. Sometimes different styles don't blend well together, but Johnny and Mark complement each other beautifully. They are both team players. neither trying to overpower the other or show off his virtuosity. Each can swing with the best in the business but they each play just the right amount of notes....

I hope you enjoy the CD as much as we do, and remember as you listen, Johnny and Mark get a huge kick out of playing for you! ... Phil Carroll


Mark Shane piano, Johnny Varro piano

Production Coordinator: Wendell Echols
Year Released: 2000

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c/o GHB Jazz Foundation, Inc.
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