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Spirit SH003

Betty Winn & One A-Chord Gospel Singers
Shout Hallelujah

Dear Lord: Thank you for the vision and the resources to create this album. We have enjoyed your presence as we came together to 'Shout Hallelujah' and make this offering of praise to you. What a fellowship! What a joy divine! We thank you for One A-Chord's vocalists, musicians, recording staff, production staff, family and friends who have made valuable contributions to this project. May your love and peace go with this effort. Amen.

One A-Chord

Pamela Hudson, Krystal Harris, Kiane Davis
Altos: Ké Imba Gilmore, Stacie Bell, Tyneshia Ballard
Contraltos: Diane Peterson, Margueret Smith, Shannon Brown
Executive Producer: Thomas Winn
Producer: Betty Winn
Co-Producer: Jerry Brock
Photography and Graphic Design by Marlon Winn and Terrance Moline
Year Released: 2002

For further information, contact:
Spirit Records, Inc.
2662 Selma Street, New Orleans, LA 70122
For booking, contact:
Thomas Winn, tel: 504.283.9124