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Shanachie 6018

ReBirth Brass Band
We Come to Party

Since 1983 the ReBirth Brass Band was formed together as a fun project, but now we are one of the best party bands in town. Every weekend you can catch the band performing at all types of parties, at jazz funerals and festivals. In this recording you will hear the party atmosphere and joy in our music, and I hope when people listen to our music we can make them get up and dance and forget all their troubles....


Keith "Shorty" Frazier bass drum, John "Prince" Gilbert saxophone, Glen Andrews trumpet, Kenneth Terry trumpet, Tyrus Chapman trombone, Derrick Tabb snare drum + cymbal, Phil "Tuba Love" Frazier tuba, Stafford Agee trombone, Michael Ward congas.
Produced by The ReBirth Brass Band
Year Released: 1997

John Joy, Red Underground Prod.
P.O. Box 3643, Boulder, CO 80307
Tel: 303.443.6230