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Soul Avenger
Live Intergalactic

Ben Hunter has been a central figure in the vibrant New Orleans reggae scene for a long time now and each move he makes seems to be a solid development towards becoming an important voice in reggae (James Lien, CMJ).
In 1991 he produced his first album called A Freedom Song with the award winning music video I Remember (Louisiana Film Festival, first place for music video in 1991). In 1994 he won The Big Easy Award for Best African/Reggae, and in 1995 he released Get the Beat Down which introduced his new style of poetry with Afro-Cuban rhythms and received rave reviews.


R. Hill drums, J. French bass, C. McKay keyboards, B. Hunter vocals + guitar.

Year Released: 1999
Produced by Ben E. Hunter

For further information, contact:
Ben E. Hunter
947 N. Broad, New Orleans, LA 70119
Tel: 504.821.4254, Fax: 504.282.3363