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Alvin Batiste
Songs, Words and Messages Connections

A music master, composer, arranger, educator and performer - Alvin Batiste defies description. He is a Renaissance Man for the 21st Century. He is a Music Pioneer who has contributed to every genre. He is simply "Batiste" - and his name alone has become synonymous with taking the music to the next level and the next generation.


Alvin Batiste clarinet, Mark Whitfield guitar, Jim Pryor piano, George Fontenette trumpet (Road Symphony), Roland Guerin bass, Mark Gully bass (Ode to Bechet), Herman Jackson drums, Muriel Wicks Jennings vocalist (Theme to D'Afrique), Edith Batiste - poet (Ayjala and Drum), Ernest Jackson (Rosa Parks and Golden Rule Blues).

Year Released: 2000

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