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My Answer to You

We would like to thank Msgr. Richard Carroll and the members of the St. Margaret Mary parish for their support and encouragement in producing this recording. Special thanks to Christopher M. Schneider, Sr. for his help, support and unique ideas.


June Calkins piano + keyboard, Peggy Campos flute, Mark Hargrave acoustic guitar + classical guitar + keyboard, Elizabeth Killeen acoustic guitar, Brian T. Landry flugelhorn + trumpet, Joe Lincoln electric bass, Michael Morgan 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar, Bobby Ohler trumpet on "Exodus XV; Glory to the Lamb; Hosanna", Christopher M. Schneider, Sr. keyboard + percussion, Ronnie Kole piano on "In the Stillness," "My Answer to You," "Our Spiritual Bouquet," "Seek Ye First" and "Take My Hand."
Year Released: 1994

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