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Sound of New Orleans SONO1058

Lips & The Trips
Dance Babys Dance

The creaking of the ceiling above - the squeaking of an old coil spring in a brass bed - the fluttering of an army of eyelashes and the humming of the well-oiled machinery of a blissful dream. There's always a place for the sounds of real humans.
The sounds of fingers on steel strings, wood on drum heads, reverb springs and vacuum tubes. Oftentimes we accept the categorization of things that just can't be improved. Just to have a point of reference we call things "new" that are not so new and things that are timeless "old."
We here at Lips & the Trips say Lick our stamps and Kiss our pants. Dance Babys Dance!


Lips vocals + bass, Johnny J. guitar + vocals, Jesse Hall drums.

Year Released: 2002
Produced by: Johnny J.
Executive Producer: Gary Edwards
Graphics: Wilkinson Design
Photos: Rick Olivier

For further information:
Sound of New Orleans Records
Tel: 504.352.1303