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Sugartown STR001

Stealing Cane
My Crazy Life

Stealing Cane would like to thank Marion & Delores Blair for their never-ending support. We would also like to thank for the following: The Blair, Badeaux, Bares, and Petry families, Michael Caffery, Karen Petry, Ruth Hayes, Vince's Backstage Music, Abe at Gitz Music, Fast, Rob, Tard and everyone at Planet Radio, Brandon Trent, Keith Kelly, Gabor Gabor, Tracy Menard, Kenneth Spiller, Gerald Elias, George Cousin, Marianne Speckler, Susan Champine at Grant Street, Gregg Kingston, Scott Bernard, Patrick Shane at LT, Neil Green, Sean Kaiser, and Alex Mathis, and to all the player who made this happen, Thank You!


Stealing Cane: Keith Blair lead guitar + vocals, Brian Petry drums, John Bares bass, Greg Badeaux guitar. Additional Players: Eric Adcock Hammond B3 + percussion, Roddie Romero accordion + slide guitar + Hammond B3, Rhett Anthony background vocals on Empty Garden, Michael Juan Nunez background vocals on Stormy Conditions.

Produced by Keith Blair
Year Released: 1999

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