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10 Birds TB1122

Reggie Houston
Wordless Praise

The music of the Christian faith is a gift from God that has provided untold millions with hope, strength, encouragement and inspiration for centuries. Fully cognizant of the power of music, Reggie Houston has given us Wordless Praise, a work that can only be described as a creative masterpiece. While this recording contains many of the great hymns that have sustained our faith over the years, there is also a new hymn destined to become a classic. Each selection is worshipful and reverent, moving and uplifting. Reggie can move skillfully from the traditional sound, with which we are familiar, to soulful contemporary. God has endowed Reggie with rare and exquisite gifts. Reggie, in turn, has unselfishly made his life and awesome talent a gift for the world. By bringing together a group of exceptionally talented musicians, this gift of Wordless Praise will bring glory to God and a special blessing to all who listen - Bishop J. Douglas Wiley, New Orleans.


Reggie Houston saxophones, Ezekiel Williams organ + piano, Damian Brown piano + organ + synthesizer, Cornell Williams bass, Jeffrey Alexander drums.

Produced by Mark Bingham
Photography by Patti Perret
Design and Hand Lettering by Ann Petter
Year Released: 1999

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