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Thistledown TDR-0001

My, My, My!
Interesting - - Folk Music!

My, My, My! is first and foremost a performance band. We have tried to recapture the intimate feel of 3 people singing around the kitchen table. We love seeing you, our audience, and involving you in our music. The songs that we have included in our first CD, Interesting - - Folk Music!, are all songs which we have performed for at least 18 months - songs which were enduring crowd favorites. The music is like spirit - it reaches out to touch in ways we cannot fathom. And so, here, we put forth the music with which we have been entrusted. We hope these simple songs will bring you joy. And remember to Sing Loud!


Joe Daigle arrangements + vocals + guitar, Anne Melancon arrangements + vocals, Dixie Taylor arrangements + vocals + tambourine + jug, Chris Frazier upright bass, Tommy Jefferson drums, "Harmonica Red" George Heard harmonica, Robert "Doc" Chaney violin, Rhadd Hunt electric bass.

Year Released: 1996

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