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Tracas 267

Renaissance Acadienne
La Fleur de la Jeunesse

In the topsy-turvy world of south Louisiana, hyacinths bloom in the water and moss grows in the air. The maple turns red in the spring, the oak tree stays green all year round, and bayous can't decide which way to flow. Change comes slowly here: spring slides into summer, peppers take years to become hot sauce, and the reluctant marshland dawdles its way to the ocean.....


Patrick Brown violin + viola, Neill Warfield violin, Darrel Leger guitar, Christopher Stafford accordion, Lisa Stafford 'tit fer + spoons + bones, May Gwin Waggoner backup vocals. Guest musicians: Beth W. Patterson bouzouki + bass guitar + vocals + dancing feet, Terry Huval guitar + fiddle.

Produced by Beth Waggoner-Patterson
Year Released: 1997

Tracas Records
418 Orangewood Drive
Lafayette, LA 70503