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VAI Audio VAIA 1170

Richard Strauss: Elektra
Borkh Resnik Schuh

New Orleans, with its ingrained preference for operas of the French and, later, Italian repertoire, showed no interest in the works of Richard Strauss during the first decades of the 20th century. The possibility of their being produced locally was further diminished after 1919 when the French Opera House burned.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will be invested in The New Orleans Opera Endowment Fund to secure the future of Opera in New Orleans.
ELEKTRA (Richard Strauss)
with Inge Borkh, Regina Resnick and Audrey Schuh
New Orleans Opera and Chorus
under the direction of Knud Andersson
Live performances of December 1 and 3, 1966

Selections - CD 1

Selections - CD 2

Bonus Tracks

MACBETH (Giusseppe Verdi)
with Inge Borkh, David Morelock, Lydia Neumann and George Mayer
New Orleans Opera and Chorus
under the direction of Anton Guadagno
Composite recording from live performances of November 2 and 4, 1967

Produced by VAI Audio in association with the New Orleans Opera Association
Production Coordinator for the New Orleans Opera Association: George Dansker
Year Released: 1999

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Tel: 800.477.7146