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Yhwh Song YS700062

Mark Hargrave
Footprints in the Sand

My heartfelt thanks to:
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - You are the source of my strength. Thank you for always being there walking beside me through this journey of life and also for carrying me in your arms when I couldn't walk. Thank you for the gift of music in my life and for giving me the desires of my heart in producing my first solo project. I look forward to the day when I can see you face to face....


Mark Hargrave keyboards + acoustic guitar + classical guitar + electric guitar + lead vocals + backing vocals + group vocals (tk 13), Chris Schneider keyboards + drums/percussion + backing vocals, Michael Hogan keyboards, Ronnie Kole piano/keyboards, Scott Goudeau lead acoustic guitar + classical guitar + electric guitar, Chris Millaudon bass (tks 11 + 13), Loreen Reppel flute, Julie Council accordion (tk 4), Julie Dunn backing vocals, Heather LeBlanc backing vocals, Shannon Mann backing vocals, Terri Poirier backing vocals + additional spoken parts (tk 13), Julie Dunn solo vocal (tk 7), Rev. Randy Roux spoken parts (tk 13), Laura Hargrave additional spoken parts (tk 13), Lisa Carinhas group vocals (tk 13), Al & Fran Grand group vocals (tk 13), John Perkins group vocals (tk 13), Julia Spear group vocals (tk 13).

Year Released: 2002
All compositions by Mark Hargrave and published by Contemplative Music (BMI)
Produced by Mark Hargrave & Chris Schneider
Executive Producer: Chris Schneider
Cover Art & Design: Glenn Sabich
Photography: Nora Passaro and Chris Schneider

For further information, contact
Mark Hargrave
210 Audubon Drive, Slidell, LA 70458
Tel: 985.646.0673