MasterDigital is no longer providing services.

We are pleased to provide a gallery of our projects as a service to our clients.

Audio Restoration
Audio Preservation

Audio mastering, all types.
Mastering is the final chance before distribution to adjust levels, set equalization, trim fades, set play order, provide start and stop marks (for CDs) — in other words, to control the presentation of your material exactly as it will sound before the public. We have the experience and the tools to make your music sound its best. Whether you have a tightly crafted mix from a top studio, or a self-produced mix from a project studio, we can bring our experienced perspective to your music.

Tools of the trade.
We use some of the finest equipment available for mastering, restoration and preservation: Studer, Pyramix/Merging Technologies, GML, Genelec, Crane Song, Prism Audio, Crookwood Audio, Weiss, Sonic Solutions, Microboards Technology, CEDAR Cambridge, LTO, and many others. Our capabilities range from micro cassette to 14" dia. 1/2" width 30ips open reel tape, as well as a number of digital formats. We have four custom Studer heads to handle a variety of track formats, each with a special vernier azimuth control. We have the ability to play negative metal (phonograph) parts up to 20" dia., using special forked styli which are no longer available.

What we need from you.
* Your name, street address and telephone number
* Artist and title of your CD (punctuation-and-capitalization correct)
* Selection list(punctuation-and-capitalization correct), in your final order
* Stereo mixes of your audio, without equalization, compression, or limiting of the stereo mix. It's ok to process individual tracks before mixing.
* ISRC numbers (if you need them, go to to get them). If you are outside the US, find your local agency at
* Where and how you want your materials sent to you. Master CDs require physical delivery. Files can be returned to you over the web.
* If your project is not for release on CD, let us know.

Our rates are very competitive, especially considering our experience level and the equipment we use. However, we don't give estimates based on the number of songs or total recording time because each project is unique. We will gladly give you an estimate once we receive your material for mastering.

What you receive from us.
If your project is intended for release on CD, then we deliver a physical CD as a production master, together with a copy CD made directly from the production master. An error check report and PQ code data sheet accompany the production master, and both documents should be delivered with your master to your plant or duplicator. Final approval is your responsibility, and for this reason, you should audition the copy CD to approve the master without directly playing it. We can also deliver raw files to you via the Internet.

Copyright issues.
We will not master recorded performances which we believe are owned by others. We will assume that recorded performances containing musical compositions owned by others will be cleared by you as required by law, and you agree to hold us harmless against any claims which may arise in connection with your use of music compositions other than your own.