MasterDigital is no longer providing services.

We are pleased to provide a gallery of our projects as a service to our clients.

CD Mastering
Audio Preservation

Audio restoration
Whether you need to restore family recordings, enhance intelligibility in a capital murder case, or remove some noise for a commercial CD release, the chances are excellent we can help you.

Close to miraculous
We use an array of tools for audio restoration, but tools are only part of the game. Experience does matter.

Listen to results
Depending on our workload and the type of restoration you need, you can upload a file to us with your web browser so we can give you a sample of our audio restoration skills.

We are happy to provide estimates on material we have actually received, but we can't give estimates unless we receive the recordings. Since we work on a time and materials basis, we may need more information on what you want us to provide as a finished product. Shipping is extra.